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Principal Jason Manning
18 H Street
Modesto, CA 95351
Hours: 7 a.m.-4 p.m.

Behavioral Health Providers

Armando Arellano – Student Assistance Program (SAP) (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday)
[email protected]
(209) 574-1787(MHS)
(209) 526-1476 ext. 426 (Center for Human Services)
To make an appointment, please complete a referral form located in the Counseling Office.

Samantha Houston-Crook – Behavioral Consultation Managment Clinician (Tues & Fri)
[email protected]
(209) 574-1787(MHS)
(209) 526-1440 Ext. 470 (Center for Human Services)

Kim Davis – Behavioral Health Clinician (Thur, Fri)
[email protected]
(209) 574-1787 (MHS)
(209) 526-1440 Ext. 345 (Center for Human Services)

*Referral forms for all services are avaialable in the Counseling Office.