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Principal Jason Manning
18 H Street
Modesto, CA 95351
Hours: 7 a.m.-4 p.m.

Diploma Program

IB Classes

Course Sequence:
Grade 9 (Pre-IB)

  1. PIB Language A (English 1-2)
  2. PIB Language B (French I or Spanish I)
  3. PIB World History
  4. PIB Conceptual Physics
  5. PIB Secondary Math I or PIB Secondary Math II
  6. Physical Education
  7. Elective (Optional)

Grade 10 (Pre-IB)

  1. PIB Language A (English 3-4)
  2. PIB Language B (French II or Spanish II)
  3. PIB History of the Americas I
  4. PIB Chemistry
  5. PIB Secondary Math II or PIB SL Math / PIB SL Math Studies
  6. Physical Education
  7. Elective (Optional)

Grade 11 (IB)

  1. IB HL English I (English 5-6)
  2. PIB SL Language B (French III or Spanish III)
  3. IB History of the Americas II
  4. IB HL/SL Biology I
  5. PIB SL Math I or II / 
    PIB SL Math Studies I or II
  6. IB HL or SL Elective I (see below)
  7. IB Theory of Knowledge (2nd semester)

Grade 12 (IB)

  1. IB HL English II (English 7-8)
  2. IB SL Language B (French IV or Spanish IV)
  3. IB HL History
  4. IB HL Biology II
  5. IB SL Math II or IB HL Math/ SL Math Studies II
  6. IB HL or SL Elective II
  7. IB Theory of Knowledge

IB Elective Offerings

  1. HL / SL Visual Arts(Art or Photography)
  2. HL / SL Psychology
  3. HL / SL Theatre Arts
  4. SL Anthropology
  5. SL Chemistry
  6. SL Physics
  7. HL / SL Information Technology in a Global Society (ITGS)

Additional graduation requirements: 1 semester health (MCS), 1 year fine art (UC), 1 semester practical art(MCS), 2 years PE or 1 year PE and 4 sports [1 sport or cheerleading or marching band or winter percussion = 1 quarter PE]