Supervision is the office that oversees the safety and wellbeing of all students. The supervision office works in conjunction with the counseling and attendance office to connect students to the resources they need. It is also the office that enforces the district's code of conduct and administers discipline as necessary.

Help Supervision

The Supervision Office can't be everywhere, and one of our most problematic areas is the restrooms. Legally, we can't install cameras in the restrooms, and having a campus supervisor there at all times isn't feasible. Therefore, we rely on your help to be vigilant. 

Please report any cases of vandalism or vaping as soon as they occur. If you witness vaping, vandalism, or have information that you think the Supervision Office should be aware of, please text the tip-line or submit an incident report.

📱Text the tip-line: (209) 718-3623

Supervision Office – Main Number
📞 (209) 574-1786